Sometimes, the act of stripping a song down to is barest of bones exposes fresh layers connective tissue between the listener and performer. Sometimes, the biggest songs have the most humble of beginnings. Sometimes, it’s just a real pleasure to hear someone sit and play a song on acoustic guitar.

Taken from last autumn's debut album Everything Touching, Tall Ships have cut a live, solo acoustic version of the track 'Phosphorescence' and made it available as a free download. Just for you.

The original's heady, kinetic stomp is gone, and here the song is re-imagined as a tender, nostalgic strum. The guitar hangs back, giving the vocal room to grow and ache. There are even some passing sirens, which if they are from an ambulance, couldn't have been timed better.

Tall Ships are working hard, earning a reputation as a pretty stunning live act, adding layers of loops and vocals, creating a weather front of sound. Which is great. But when all that is stripped away, are the songs still good? Listening to this, you'll hear that the answer is yes.