Everything Touching is definitely a term I'd use to describe tonights sweaty packed out gig at The Haunt. It's also the name of Tall Ships' highly anticipated debut album that was released earlier in the week - oh you see what I did there. Although 'highly anticipated' is a bit of an understatement when it comes to their new LP; Everything Touching has been a long time coming, especially after delaying a spring release in order to get more exposure at festivals over summer. And boy, it's been worth the wait as any decent review will inform you.

Coming onstage to the Jurassic Park theme like any self-respecting band should, this is a (half) homecoming gig for this Falmouth/Brighton band, and the locals sure aren't going to let them down. Though the trio walk onto stage without a hint of any attitude or ego, they still start events off like a kick to the nether-regions with 'T=0'. Can I get some arms in the air and some manly cries of 'Eeeeeevvveeerrryythiiiiiiiing tooooooouuching'? Of course, these are Tall Ships fans, singing along as loud as humanly possible is their thing.

'Best Ever', and latest single 'Gallops' has the crowd twitching and kicks off one bouncy pit, though the largest 'jump-along' of the night goes to 'Hit The Floor'. Although when one poor punter rocks a little too hard and loses his glasses amongst the rows of battering feet, fans form a barrier around him til he finds his glasses, unscathed. Not just the loudest, but the nicest fans also, n'aww.

Older songs 'Ode to Ancestors', 'Chemistry' and 'Vessels' naturally get the biggest singalong a of the night. The type so loud that singer Ric has to step back from the mic to let the audience take over. Yes, this pretty much happens every time I've ever watched this band, but still the look of surprise and enormous grins from all band members is fantastic to see, as they genuinely don't seem to expect this type of reaction. However, it won’t be long until this is the response to all songs from Everything Touching once their fan-base have taken this latest record into their hearts as with their other EPs.

Absolute highlight of the entire evening is 'Murmerations', a song that slowly builds up layer up layer, until it bursts into an explosion of instrumentation, and a wonderful choral section of "Stay with me, just for a while..." - while it was emotional and skin-tingling enough tonight, I can only imagine how amazing it’ll be in the future when the entire audience is singing along to this track. I expect many a manly tear.

Any chance to see Tall Ships in a small venue is always a privilege; anyone who has seen them knows that one day, this band are going to explode everywhere. Tall Ships are teetering on the edge of something great, and the best thing about it all - they don’t even seem to realise how good they are (or maybe they're just great at hiding it). Musically, lyrically, Everything Touching is a wonder, so please, go out and purchase it, and for goodness sake go and catch them live in these small venues whilst you still can. You'll be kicking yourself soon if you don’t.