Following 'I'm A Woman (After All)' and 'Touch,' two songs that touched on themes of obsession and romance, anxiety and womanhood, Leeds based pop artist Tallsaint takes a lighter tone on 'Warm Skin', the first single from her forthcoming debut EP, Hard Love.

Revealing a more tender side, 'Warm Skin' explores the vulnerability of waking up in the middle of the night to seeing someone you cherish sleeping beside you. But, as she pointed out in a press-release, Louisa took inspiration from the feeling of waking up to her cat sleeping beside her. The innocence and humor only adds to the sweetness, and the music, which is built around a distant pulsating kick drum and bright anxious synth pads, helps elevate the intimacy of sharing such a vulnerable space with someone else to an almost overwhelming state of giddiness. 'Warm Skin' is the best kind of dance song in the sense that it functions as a celebration of those rare and pure moments when we find our guard lowered and our hearts are filled with uncomplicated joy.

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