Talons – Aldershot West End Centre, 5 December 2009 You can tell a lot about a band by their choice of t-shirt. Talons’ guitarists were wearing Isis and Yndi Halda merch as they strode on stage on a Saturday night in Aldershot, so I was expecting powerful yet often convoluted melodies. The band have released singles on the awesome Big Scary Monsters label and received airplay from Radio 1’s Huw Stephens. Their last release was a split EP with the brilliant And So I Watch You From Afar. With a love of hardcore and math-rock shining through, the Hereford six-piece launch a twin violin and guitar assault to burst your eardrums. Instrumental and intense, Talons’ sound ranges from visceral all the way through to brutal with every band member putting all their energy into playing and providing a live spectacle of incredible force and vigour. Sometimes veering towards galloping guitar territory, complete with every band members’ head bobbing down in time to the music, the band has enough creative ideas to ensure surprises at every turn. Incredibly polite between songs, mentioning how they were tired but enjoying their tour, Talons would win over even the most close-minded music fan with their unrefined playing. Songs such as the closing ‘Bethlehem’ with it’s uncompromising and memorable riffs fill up the room with haunting and rising melodies. At times anthemic, and always ambitious, Talons are a force to be reckoned with.