Irish artist Eoin French aka Talos has announced his second album: it's called Far Out Dust and will come out through BMG on February 8th. Ahead of that he has shared a regal-sounding new track called 'The Light Upon Us', but according to the artist it might not be as positive as first appears:

"It's called “The Light Upon Us” but, the idea of the light... it's not a positive light. It's one that erases things. It's blinding. Sometimes things have to be destroyed for something else to be created. An acceptance that things are supposed to die at some point. Everything has an end."

Knowing that backstory to the track, the demure atmosphere can be heard in amidst the grandiose track: stadium sized beats launch 'The Light Upon Us' to great heights, but Talos' vocals and the way that it drops into moments of subdued observation give it a more tactile feel. Nonetheless, 'The Light Upon Us' still maintains a heroic quality, showing how Talos' production skills have grown in since his first album, with subtle brass imbument giving the track a soulful lift out of the doldrums, and leave you with a feeling of hopefulness despite the underlying message.

Talos' new album Far Out Dust comes out on February 8th on BMG.