Walking through the gates of Alexandra Palace last Saturday felt like entering a new world. Exiting the busy streets of London, into a warm summer carnival-like day - almost like a festival. You couldn't really help but smile and it seemed like everyone around you was feeling the same way. Just waiting in a happy, dizzy state of expectation for the psychedelic rock group of the moment.

As I entered the Great Hall, I was welcomed in by the sound of Jagwar Ma hitting the first chords of Man I need. While I observed the band enjoying the stage with such delicate passion, it became clear that they were there as something more than just a support band. They became the other significant half of a musical collaboration between two extremely talented artists.

 photo tame_impala-9_zpse7vunwl4.jpg

We all know that feeling when you eagerly wait for the band you came for to go on stage but with Jagwar Ma it was something else. Still waiting for Tame Impala to come on, but also not wanting the support band to go off stage, Jagwar Ma set the perfect pace for Tame Impala that turned the audience into a happily screaming mass of excitement as the kicked off the journey of musical psychedelia with the ultimate crowd pleaser Let It Happen.

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The show was a audiovisual extravaganza, which was expected to due to Kevin Parker's perfectionist nature. The kaleidoscopic light show functioned as the canvas for this musical trip through the band's older and newer material. Hailing from Perth, the psychedelic five-piece bathed in light as Parker controlled the show's visuals with each strum of his guitar thus creating a symbiotic relationship between these two elements.

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The transition from older songs like Elephant and Why Won’t They Talk To Me? to tracks from their latest, the Brit-Award and Grammy nominated album Currents, felt weightless and put the crowd in a swinging, pulsating state of joy. Singing along, dancing to the humungous beats. Being the last gig of the tour and the second night playing the sold out Alexandra Palace there was no lack of enthusiasm felt by neither the band or the audience. Ending the gig with Feels Like We Only Go Backwards and New Person, Same Old Mistakes, Tame Impala left us standing with our hearts full of bliss. As we drove into the night after the gig, we found ourselves shaking the confetti thrown in the audience mid-set off our hair and drunk on the sensational power of Tame Impala.

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