Earlier in the year, it was suggested that a new Tame Impala album was on its way, but without a 'download/leak/stream' to back it up, we were left playing Lonerism over and over again in an attempt to 'catch that feeling'. Thankfully we don't have to do that anymore.

The band have thrown up a free download on their website in exchange for an email. AN EMAIL!? It's ok. Just like every other website on the planet, we downloaded it and then threw it up onto our own SoundCloud account so that you don't have to give back to the band in any shape or form. You're welcome.

The track is called 'Let It Happen', and it's just shy of eight minutes. If you hated their old material, that's almost 8 minutes of pain. If you're a 'fan', it's 8 minutes of absolute joy. Listen/Download below.