Tame Impala is always pretty difficult to totally pin down. Is it a band or a one man project that gets live help from other people? Who knows. We may never know. Maybe the whole point of it is that it's a fluid, both-this-and-that kinda thing. Maybe it's all transience and zen.

ANYWAY. Pond is an even less permanent, a loose-membered, kind of parallel version of Tame Impala – and in other ways, totally not – featuring some of its live components (i.e. band members), have now officially announced the release dates for their sixth (yes, sixth) album since 2009 and follow-up to last year's Hobo Rocket LP, the cosmically titled Man It Feels Like Space Again.

Scheduled for release 26th Janaury 2015 (UK only; 23rd for Australia and 27th in the US), the band have already shared a song from the album, 'Elvis' Flaming Star' in the form of a homemade video. Featuring silly string, water balloons, steampunk goggles and a pair of alien sunnies, it's a lo-fi adventure by Pond. The track itself is an amalgamation of galloping drums, gloriously lopsided whammy-bar guitars, thick metallic bass, and vocals that switch between shakily tape-deck and psychedelically delayed, an energetic jump-starter of a song, which at other times melts with slow, narcotic languor.


Man It Feels Like Space Again Tracklist:
1. Waiting Around for Grace
2. Elvis' Flaming Star
3. Holding Out For You
4. Zond
5. Heroic Shart
6. Sitting Up On Our Crane
7. Outside Is The Right Side
8. Medicine Hat
9. Man It Feels Like Space Again