Usually Monday's are spent dealing with that feeling of dread and guilt: dread for the day ahead, and guilt for not doing all the things you wanted to do during the past two days. I suppose that's why Geldof sang, "I don't like Mondays." No album stream is going to erase those feelings, but it's unlikely that coffee you're nursing will make up for your lack of sleep, so you might as well pop Tame Impala's new album on while you go through the motions.

Currents isn't out until July 17th (this Friday... yeah, it's Fridays now), but you can listen to it below courtesy of NPR (US) / Noisey (UK).

  • Tracklisting:
  • 1. Let It Happen
  • 2. Nangs
  • 3. The Moment
  • 4. Yes I'm Changing
  • 5. Eventually
  • 6. Gossip
  • 7. The Less I Know the Better
  • 8. Past Life
  • 9. Disciples
  • 10. Cause I'm A Man
  • 11. Reality In Motion
  • 12. Love/Paranoia
  • 13. New Person, Same Old Mistakes