Kevin Parker has shared a photo on Instagram detailing an email sent to him by Samm Culley. Who? You know, Samm Culley, of obscure funk group Skull Snaps? He reckons that Tame Impala's Currents track 'Eventually' samples the drums from Skull Snaps 'It's a New Day', got a musicologist to confirm that this is indeed the case (apparently), and is now threatening legal action.

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Dismissing these claims, Parker wrote:

"WOW unexpected compliment!

"The creator of the famous Skull Snaps drum sample thinks my drums IS his actual sample and wants to sue me for not clearing it! Haha!! Sam Culley you have 3 days to fire your musicologist.

"Anyone think this could be a hoax though?"

It, well, to me it sounds nothing like it – maybe marginally, but not enough to warrant even a smidgen of legal action. But to be fair, 'It's a New Day' has been sampled so many times by so many artists, it's no wonder Culley's a little trigger happy with this lawsuit.