Hailing from the Scottish 'new town' of Glenrothes, famed for having lots of roundabouts and very little else, Tango In The Attic released their debut album earlier this year and have spent most of the following months gigging in support, basking in their moderate success and looking forward to some mild popularity in Japan. I asked them about all of these things and also if they thought I was an idiot, it was good. So, how was your summer? What were the highlights? Our Summer was pretty fun, there were loads of highlights- playing Rockness was a particular highlight for us. Obviously releasing the album and the response we got from it was great too...it's been a good summer all in all. Who were your favourite bands to play with this summer? We've played with loads of cool bands lately, when we play with the Ray Summers its always a great night. They're self releasing their album pretty soon too which I expect will be pretty outstanding. You've had some commercial success with the album, did you expect things to turn out like they have? To be topping charts on Amazon? Not at all, it all came as a bit of a shock to us. People seemed to like it and think it just spread by word of mouth really. A lot of really good bands get signed up by big labels and are made to wait about for ages to release their album. It was great that we could do it ourselves on our own terms and still get such a good response from everyone. I’m an idiot and for some reason thought your band’s name was taken from a Fleetwood Mac album, I was talking to someone else about your album and they thought the same thing but that album is actually called Tango In The Night, are you deliberately trying to confuse people or is it simply the case that I am an idiot surrounded by more idiots? I read that and must admit I hadn't even listened to that album! It's a pretty obscure band name and lots of people have formed different theories as to where it came from. Yours is probably one of the more sensible ones! Having done some research (which evidently I didn’t do before I reviewed your album, to my cost) I’ve found that there is no real story behind your name but what if you could make up some elaborate tale about how the band was named, how would that go..? Well, one of the more popular theories people seem to have is that it's an amalgamation of "tango and cash" and "cash in the attic"; that’s probably the most logical out of all of them. Rumour has it there's a bottle of the well known fizzy drink in the attic of the studio we recorded in, who knows?
What’s the album title about? You don’t need to make up any story for this, it’s fine just to tell it how it is. We found a badge for the "blue peter locomotive society". Its was a pretty cool badge but we changed the first bit to 'Bank Place', named after the address of a friend's house us and a few other local bands spent a lot of time at whilst we were recording the album. You've been compared to Vampire Weekend by a few places (including us!), how do you feel about that sort of comparison? We get that a lot. I suppose it isn't a bad thing being compared to such a successful band. Theres a lot of bands that get compared to Vampire Weekend these days, its probably an easy way to pigeon hole newer bands with a more colourful sound. What are your plans for the rest of the year? We're releasing the first single from the album in November so we've just finished recording the B-side for that which we're actually quite excited about. We're about to shoot the video for it then we'll be touring it closer to the time. Are you really going to big in Japan? How did that come about? We've just completed a licensing deal with a Japanese record company which means there's a going to be a physical release of the record over there.-It will be in all the HMVs' and Tower Records and stuff. We basically got a phone call asking if we wanted to do it because a fan wrote to the label and told them about us. So we're pretty excited about that, the Japanese release is gonna be a bit different from the UK one too which is really cool. Do you think there’s much similarity between Glenrothes and Tokyo? Well we've never been to Tokyo so we couldn't possibly say, my inclination would be to say no but people from both places seem to like us, so there’s a start.
You can visit the band by heading to http://www.myspace.com/tangointheattic