With faltering, fluttering fuzzy synth you're inducted into the glittering world of Inuit throat singer Tanya Tagaq on this, the opening track from her album, Animism. First appearing on Björk's 2004 album Medulla and its subsequent tour, Tagaq won the Polaris Music Prize in Canada (the equivalent of the Mercury Prize I suppose) back in September – a majorly leftfield winner, beating Drake, Mac DeMarco and Arcade Fire, amongst others, to the top prize.

'Caribou' is originally a Pixies song, a slow, almost menacing slice of slanted distortion and wild vocals. Tagaq's version buzzes with orchestration, fluid percussion whirwinding in between thickets of brass, her own vocals switching between soaring vocals and guttural snippets of throat singing, rising to a jagged crescendo of barbed strings and animalistic screechings. A ferocious track, totally refreshing the original in experimental fashion.

Animism will be out in Europe on 26th January 2015 via Six Shooter Records.

  • Animism tracklist:
  • 1. "Uja"
  • 2. "Caribou"
  • 3. "Umingmak"
  • 4. "Genetic Memory"
  • 5. "Rabbit"
  • 6. "Howl"
  • 7. "Tulugak"
  • 8. "Flight"
  • 9. "Fight"
  • 10. "Damp Animal Spirits"
  • 11. "Fracking"