The obscure winner of 2014's Polaris Prize, Inuit throat singer Tanya Tagaq, is releasing Animism, the album that won her the prize, in Europe at the end of this month. The Polaris Prize, by the way, is basically like the Mercury Prize in the UK.

She's shared a track called 'Uja' from the album to whet all of our appetites. It's genuinely scary, in some ways, and in other ways it's an explosion of primeval-sounding beauty, a brutal procession of crashing drums and creeping, guttural vocals from Tanya herself, swirling, indistinct sounds like nocturnal shapes whirling around your head from left to right.

We've shared the tracklist for the album before, alongside the release of a song called 'Caribou', but to re-iterate, you'll find it below this song. For old times' sake.

It's out 26th January. And if you're in London and would like to see this unique artist live, then go check her out at Village Undeground, Shoreditch, on 19th May.

  • Animism tracklist:
  • 1. Caribou
  • 2. Uja
  • 3. Umingmak
  • 4. Genetic Memory
  • 5. Rabbit
  • 6. Howl
  • 7. Tulugak
  • 8. Flight
  • 9. Fight
  • 10. Damp Animal Spirits
  • 11. Fracking