Columbus, Ohio/Knoxville, TN based musician Tapes has been creating experimental electronic since 2012 and in those few years, has amassed a strong group of loyal followers over on SoundCloud that have fallen for his glitched out, but still smooth, R&B stylings. We're bringing you a brand new track of his today titled 'Commute', his contribution to the new compilation from Autonomous Records Array vol. 4 which comes out next week on 3 April. It'll feature previously unheard songs from the likes if ill-ēsha, 9 Theory, and tons of other artists from the Autonomous roster.

Starting off with a simple click beat, it quickly turns into a glorious array of synths and seemingly random notes and rhythms on a keyboard that fit perfectly together when combined with the effects he's put his vocals through, making it sound a bit like James Blake and a little like SBTKRT all at the same time. Stream 'Commute' below!

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