Copenhagen-based Taragana Pyjarama (Nick Eriksen) will release Nothing Hype on 24 June via Wyrd Records. The follow-up to last year's acclaimed experimental electronic album Tipped Bowls is previewed in the video below. Eriksen discusses the organic process involved in making Nothing Hype:

"This record first started in a summerhouse that a friend of mine was visiting with some other friends. I joined in. Most of his friends are making music too, so we started recording things and it eventually ended up with a new idea for a record. I started collecting pictures and clips and started working with these images in the back of my mind.

"Every time I felt like I lost the spark of a track, which I find can happen all the time, I'd just look at the pictures and I was back on track. It's something I've been doing with all the tracks on this release. The overall theme has been grainy and distorted pictures of caves, particularly mysterious crystal caves. It's magic in a way."