TARANTINA is the self-taught singer, songwriter and producer (not to mention a few more things), who will be releasing her new EP Organs this Friday, March 29th. We have the pleasure of bringing you the final teaser from the collection, 'One Eye'. She tells us:

“One Eye is about understanding that we may never fully know the whole truth about who we are or where we're going but at the same time, trying to search for that is very human and something which we can all relate to.”

These tough topics are tackled head-on in a muscular and menacing track that pushes TARANTINA well outside the realms normally expected of a singer songwriter. Her production nous is truly on show here, as the myriad layers of energy are coalesced into a triumphant and at-times terrifying beast. Vocally she is both powerful and powerless, a compelling dichotomy of emotion. 'One Eye' is further proof of TARANTINA's prowess as a multi-faceted artist, and it's no surprise that she's taking her time between releases, slowly dropping music like tantalising breadcrumbs, as she wants to make sure all is perfect before it's unleashed on the world.

TARANTINA’s debut London headline show will be at The Slaughtered Lamb on April 6th. Tickets on sale now from here.

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