Over the course of three singles released previous to this, London-based singer Tarantina has proven herself to be a cinematic songwriter and performer. On her new single 'Rainbow' she's applied this attitude to trip-hop, and it proves to be a potent concoction.

The title 'Rainbow' suggests a bright affair, but her production (with Raf Riley) sticks to Tarantina's strengths, casting her in deeper blue hews, allowing her to illuminate the dim corners with her emotive and expressive voice. Tarantina's voice sounds languid but has to be deft to slide its way perfectly into the warped and crunchy soundscape they've created, with definite echoes of Portishead in the softly rippling guitars. However, this is indisputably Tarantina and Riley's orginal production, somehow elusive yet tactile, a perfectly unique setting for Tarantina to weave a tempestuous tale.

Speaking about ‘Rainbow’, Tarantina explains, “Raf Riley and I produced Rainbow in my flat in Camden. We played things like pots, pans, broken jewellery and a wind chime as instruments. Once we’d recorded these sounds, we played them out through the speakers of my old TV and then recorded that. The moment the track really came to life though was when we added the synth bass at the studio.”

Listen to 'Rainbow' below.

'Rainbow', as well as her three previous singles, will be on Tarantina's debut EP Teething, due out on April 27th. Keep up with her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.