Over the last few years, Los Angeles based vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and producer Taste Nasa (government name: Leroy Clampitt) has been quietly and calmly reimagining the decaying super8 summer home video vibes of '80s/'90s boogie, new wave, synth-funk and R&B through his own idiosyncratic lens. With his latest effort 'Do What You Feel', Taste Nasa folds together a strutting boardwalk rhythms and guitars, breezy coastal synthscapes, pulsing and hypnotic techno/house melodies and a languidly drifting vocal. Paired up with a Samuel Kristofski helmed visual collage video loaded with an equal mixture of vintage and modern visual signifiers, the total package draws a line between Taste Nasa's idealised visions of the past and the nature of the contemporary landscape he inhabits.

You can purchase 'Do What You Feel' here.