Tayler Buono is a burgeoning pop star who is steadily making her way into the ears of new fans.

Her first single, 'Technically Single', blew up on streaming services like Spotify and grabbed the attention of music lovers everywhere (we even did an 'Under the Influence' interview with her not too long ago) - but now she's back with new single, 'Something About You'.

It's mid-tempo pop at its finest. Part-ready beats bump while atmospherics and electro blips dance around her crooning vocals, with the lyrics painting an all-too-familiar picture - that hold a person can have on you even when you know it may not be right.

So, take a listen to Tayler Buono's latest single, 'Something About You'. Just try not to get too caught up in the moment and reevaluate that one relationship... you know the one.