With less than a month than a month to go before Taylor Janzen releases her new EP, Interpersonal, the Winnipeg-based songwriter has already drawn acclaim from the vaunted New York Times, among others. Her new latest single, 'The Waiting Room,' is sure to keep the excitement going for this burgeoning star.

'The Waiting Room' features the hallmarks of Janzen's other tracks -- delicate acoustic guitar, subtle vocal layering, and a powerful vocal performance. But 'The Waiting Room' derives much of its power from the story behind its creation and its lyrics.

"When I wrote 'The Waiting Room,' I had just gotten back from a particularly frustrating mental health professional who had prescribed me to a medication and didn't have an interest in helping me further," explains Janzen. "At this point, I was just very tired of spilling my guts out to doctors I'd never met over and over again, telling them things I wouldn't even be able to tell my closest friends. It felt unfair that, here I was, doing what I was supposed to do, asking for help, yet not receiving it."

According to Janzen, that same night, she recorded the song in her basement with a mic between her knees -- she "didn't own a mic stand" -- and poured out her frustrations.

This song is my effort to start a new conversation about what happens after you get help," she says, "because it's something that desperately needs to be discussed."

You can stream Taylor Janzen's 'The Waiting Room' below, and be sure to check out Interpersonal when it drops on Aug. 10. You won't want to miss it.