After consistently amazing and bamboozling us throughout 2018 as part of Jockstrap, Taylor Skye has now announced a solo project which continues to be unpigeonholable. He's announced an EP called Kode Fine & Sons, which will come out on April 26th. Skye had preternatural desire to make music, which started on piano as a child and moved to production at 11, which undoubtedly birthed his unique style. On new track 'Kode Fine' he says:

"I'm not really sure what Kode Fine is about. It was the first song I made after two weeks of not making any music and just painting all the time instead. My life was a bit of a haze around that time and I was feeling very heartbroken. I was listening to a lot of Kode9 too..."

Skye has been making music for so long now that it's no surprise that on 'Kode Fine' his production sounds assured and deep. Through his work with Jockstrap we've come to know Skye as a voracious music consumer with a penchant for regurgitating it in all sorts of weird ways in his own work, and 'Kode Fine' is no different. Crinkly synths and fuzzy effects build up an awkwardly bluesy groove, which is perfect for his own lamentations that come through audibly compressed but emotionally pristine. Skye is not attempting to be smooth or trendy with 'Kode Fine', but to create something unique and ear-catchingly sweet, which he has undoubtedly done. Check it out below.

Taylor Skye's Kode Fine & Sons comes out April 26th. He's playing London's Servant Jazz Quarters on February 11th (tickets).