Just as everyone was all droopy-eyed doom-and-gloom about there not being any platinum records this year (boo hoo!) Taylor Swift turns round and bops naysayers on the nose, figuratively at least, with news that sales of her album 1989 surpassed 1 million at the end of last week (2nd November).

That's a lot of people. I wonder if anybody bought it twice.

Anyway, Swift is pretty happy about it. Industry experts predicted that 1989 would shift something more like 650,000 copies in its first week. The news of this unprecedented (well, sort of) wild rocketing of sales isn't going to sound very sweet to Spotify, who are probably still a bit sad that Taylor Swift recently demanded her entire back catalogue be removed from the streaming service. ("It’s my opinion that music should not be free," she said, amongst other things). That said, it's not going to stop anyone buying your album, is it? People that want a CD will always want a CD, regardless of whether they're a Spotify member or not.

Oh and yes, there's a 1989 World Tour to go with this gargantuan release, naturally.

Also, Earl Sweatshirt called Swift's 'Shake It Off' video, "inherently offensive and ultimately harmful" as it was "perpetuating black stereotypes." Whaddya reckon?