Despite going nearly 11 full months in 2014, the U.S. record industry was still waiting for at least one album to surpass the one million sales benchmark. That streak will face its inevitable end this week with the release of Taylor Swift's newest album 1989.

The fifth album from the 24-year-old Grammy winning superstar will not only be the first to surpass the platinum plateau this year, but Swift now projects to be the first artist to have three consecutive albums passing one million sales in its first week. According to Billboard, sales forecasters originally projected 1989 to finish under one million sales, even as recently as two weeks ago. However, SoundScan - using current sales of the album - now projects it to pass over the mark. Still, these are merely projections and not solidified figures. If it does, however, 1989 will have the best week one sales of any album since Swift's 2012 release Red.

The news may come as even less of a shock after what happened in Canada last week. Swift's production company released an ambiguous 'Track 3' on iTunes, which was an apparent accident considering it was actually eight seconds of white noise. No matter, the "track" still manage to reach number one in Canada's singles charts.

Swift's 1989 is out now. Watch the notorious video for 'Shake It Off' from the LP below.

Also, while 1989 has quickly taken over, there's that Swift/Aphex Twin mashup from David Rees still going around. Listen to it below.