Taz Modi has no shortage of pedigree and experience, having been the reliant backbone in bands like Submotion Orchestra and Matthew Halsall’s Gondwana Orchestra, playing piano/keys. The Czech-Indian musician is now expanding his output by setting off on his own solo voyage, with the release of an album called Reclaimed Goods coming out on March 29th. Modi explains the inspiration for the tracks that make up the album:

“Conceptually, the music was written and recorded with the backdrop of Brexit and the current trend of populist nationalism and anti-immigration. A lot of the tracks were inspired by looking into what ‘Britishness’ means for different people. As the son of immigrants (half-Czech, half-Indian), I’ve always been fascinated by the contrast between the narrow and fixed idea of ‘Britain’ trumpeted by the establishment and power-structure, and the things that I believe give Britain its truer identity – the mix of cultures, beliefs, races, and histories... Ideas relating to the environment were also a key influence that I expressed through the music. These included George Monbiot’s book ‘Feral’ about re-engaging and restoring the countryside, the final scene in BBC’s ‘Edge of Darkness’, where the planet rids itself of humanity to save itself and ‘Waterland’ – Graham Swift’s book about the Fens and the cyclical nature of history."

Today we bring you the single 'Ethical Tourist' from the album, a song that has all of the above-mentioned political pressure points woven into its motoric propulsion. Modi's signature keys are of course a core part of 'Ethical Tourist', cycling around in a playful loop, and, in conjunction with the sound built up around them, they begin to describe a subtle landscape of turmoil. Jazzy drums and expansive chords broaden the vista while the song marches unceasingly onwards into a horizon, hypnotising your focus and dragging it into the haze of an uncertain future. Check out 'Ethical Tourist' below.

Taz Modi's album Reclaimed Goods is out on March 29th via Reclaimed Records. He has these live dates coming up:

28 Feb - Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
29 Mar - St. James’ Islington, London