They've featured on our 'Heroes Of January And February 2011' collection, played a triumphant set at March's Surf Wax America club night and recently toured with The Wombats throughout the UK and their home nation of Norway. Now, we finally get to hear the self-titled EP from our, and hopefully your, new favourite band, Team Me. A six-piece that has evolved from hard-working polymath Marius D. Hagen's acoustic projects, the full band adds a more orchestral dynamic and depth to the sound created.

'Weathervanes And Chemicals' kicks off proceedings. A rich keyboard-led epic that is dominated by the dual male/female vocals of Marius and bandmate Synne Knudsen, as they sing the unexpectedly dark lyrics: "You turned yourself into a stranger" amidst harmonies that are reminiscent of the more immediate and dreamy tones of Beach House. But Team Me are essentially a pop band, and will not let you forget this. They hook you in and play memorable melodies that will live with you long after hearing the song, even on this opener. A climactic ending makes the song seem far longer then its 3.40 running time, as it is just so immersive. 'Come Down' is anything but what the title claims, a post-rock build up breaks in the introduction before some dynamic Mew at their most coherent riffs enter the fray. Throw in some Broken Social Scene-style chanted vocals and you have a song that fuses more traditional instruments with experimental keyboard sounds, and is just waiting to be explored and discovered on repeated listens.

By now, you start to realise that Team Me's sound is somewhat akin to the result of Sufjan Stevens attempting to write a song for a Jonsi album. 'Dear Sister' carries on this trend in addictively twee fashion - backing noises that could have come from a Nintendo game circa 93 mix paths with the repeated chant of "Guess I'm wasting my time again", while a crashing instrumental/synth breakdown clashes with Fanfarlo-style harmonies perfectly to provide an all-too satisfying conclusion. This flows perfectly into 'Me And The Mountain', a break-up song with the memorable line: "I rest my case, things are bad enough as they are". However there is real hope and inspiration in this poignant song, especially in the tentative final 90 seconds. 'Kennedy Street' opens with a modest but anthemic riff that brings to mind Frightened Rabbit, but with the added majesty of Mercury Rev (Marius' vocals are also very similar to Jonathon Donahue). It is a song that will stop you in your tracks and make you gasp in awe, is a fitting finale to the EP that confirms Team Me are a band on the verge of truly great things. My only complaint would be five songs is just not enough.