Norwegian band (and 405 favourites) Team Me have announced that Synne Øverland Knudsen (vocals/keys) has left the band. The band have citied 'personal political principles' as the reason for her departure.

This is the full statement from the band (which they posted on facebook an hour ago):

"When we count as much as six members, it is quite natural that within the band will disagree at times. With Team We the music has always been in focus, and it is our music that has carried us around.

"The people working with us have always advised us to have the guts to be ourselves and find our own ways as a band. Regardless of what both media or the music industry would think about our choices in the aftermath. Whether it is too long song titles or music videos that no one understands anything of.

"We have made a record we are very proud of, and in the following year we will spend all our time travelling around the world and play gigs, which is pretty amazing in itself, for this little gang from Elverum.

"When we began to make plans for the upcoming year, it became clear that Synne has personal political principles that she did not find consistent with Team Me wanting to be nominated for a scholarship which will be given to a Norwegian band at By:larm next month, from Statoil.

"In view of this and several other disagreements about how much Team Me should play and travel the upcoming year, all six have agreed that Synne will leave the band. We respect Synne for her personal principles and are proud that she is responsible for them no matter what.

"We want to emphasize that there is no drama or hostility around this; we are soon going on stage at St. Croix in Fredrikstad all six of us!"