It's hard to imagine a work place run by Insane Clown Posse is going to be the most normal work place, but I doubt anyone has expected what has come out in a recent court case against the duo, in which a former employee is suing them on sexual harassment charges.

The former attorney and publicist of Psychopathic Records, in charge of the duo's musical output, claims the band treated her and other staff in an inappropriate manner. Andrea Pellegrini stated that, following a break-up in her personal life, the band gifted her with a "large sex toy." Her testimony also states that a staffer at the label also bought "vagina tighteners" for members of the team and states that she was regularly called a "bitch" in the workplace.

The case also claims that the duo forced Pellegrini to act in "unethically and illegally" - particularly when attempting to procure automatic weapons for a photoshoot. Pellegrini's suit asks for, '...medical expenses, emotional distress, pain and suffering, fright and shock, horror, outrage and indignity, economic damages including lost wages and/or loss of earning capacity, exemplary damages, punitive damages, hedonic damages, attorney costs and fees, compensation for economic and non-economic damages, interest on allowable damages, and any other damages allowed under the law'. She was dismissed from the label in November 2012, which she claims was a result of her reporting the goings on to her bosses. [via FACT]

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