The Brooklyn-bred trio DREAMERS has generated a lot of buzz in just under two years. After signing with Fairfax Recordings during Feb. 2015, the group released their first studio EP, You Are Here, in early Feb. 2016 to substantial acclaim. One of that collection's most popular tracks, the already über-catchy 'DRUGS,' has now received a further dose of pop magic thanks to a remix from Ted Gowans.

Gowans is a multi-instrumentalist who has worked with groups such as The Moth and the Flame, Saint Motel and, perhaps most significantly, Tegan and Sara with whom he has been performing for eight years. With a laundry list of much-admired pop credentials tied to his name, Gowans' has skillfully taken this track about why people seek validation online ("We do it because we're young," DREAMERS figures) and somehow given it additional zest. Rather than approaching the subject with the crunch of the original, Gowans has given the song a bouncy effervescence that will likely appeal to the very people it is commenting on. This sort of postmodern song craft wouldn't be out of place in a Harmony Korine movie.

In a world of shares, favorites and retweets, the true irony here is that this infectious reworking of a song questioning the merits of social media culture will probably be shared a great deal in the coming days. But with a beat like this, it can be hard to find fault in that.