Tee Grizzley sure isn't short on reasons to celebrate.

As he prepares to release his latest mixtape, Still My Moment, on November 9th, the date is no coincidence. It's also the day his parole ends, allowing him to leave the country for the first time since his incarceration.

He's gathered a collection of guests worthy of celebrating such an occasion, from Quavo and Offset to the guest of his latest tune, Chance the Rapper.

'Wake Up' is a grounded celebration, coming from a man both overjoyed and all to aware of how easily it can all be taken away from him. He's in a reflective place, hoping the youth will find a better path than his own. Nonetheless, this is unquestionably a song of hope. Even with a presence as magnetic (and popular) as Chance's on his song, this is still Grizzley's show.

Check it out below via Soundcloud, and look out for Still My Moment this Friday.