Label: Make Mine Release date: 12/07/10 Link: Myspace Teej has proven, upon research, to be an enigmatic character. No live shows to date if internet sources are to be trusted, and very little information on the man himself. Upon listening, his music appears to follow suit. Not totally electro, nor industrial, prog-rock or retro, it is nigh on impossible to define. However, this atmospheric instrumental E.P., 'I Got Electrocuted', has a moving quality that will most definitely get film-makers and advertising agencies excited. The collection starts very strongly, with the title track providing a laid-back introduction to Teej's plethora of samples and synth effects. Short and sweet, at just under two minutes, it builds to a rousing organ finale that gears you up perfectly for fast paced, edgy second track 'Plural'. Teaming up with guest instrumentalist Tom Knight, Teej provides us with an explosive, aggressive concoction of guitars, funky bass, synth and crucially, some energetic live drumming that gets the heart skipping in a manner that many a rock band would envy at their live show. However, with heartbeat well and truly erratic and primed for more abuse, you can't help finding 'Heart Timing' a slightly uninspiring return to sinuous rhythm. The instrumental equivalent of the power ballad, this track is overall too simplistic in its style, despite some successful closing riffs and solos toward its fading conclusion. 'Sound Speed Ashes' follows up with a chilled synth groove. This has so much potential as a track, given its inclusion of some very powerful passages of engulfing sound, complete with vocal harmonies and crashing cymbals. It is crying out for a talented vocalist or MC to provide the icing on the cake and pull the component parts together into an anthemic whole. Exactly the same is true of final track 'Flying Deep'. A dark and stormy offering, with hints of Blade Runner's apocalyptic effects blended beautifully into the mix, there is no sense of focus without the added resonance of some much needed lyrics. Teej has created a very successful industrial synth base on this E.P., which works perfectly when the tempo is raised. Sadly, the collection is imbalanced, leaning too far in favour of the slow builder. Without any vocal or lyrical focus, it may be a struggle to move away from the perilous arena of background music.' Photobucket