Toronto-based duo Teen Ravine are gearing up to put out their debut LP, and have a new video for their soft indie rock single 'Hall of Horrors' to share ahead of its release. The song was written when both bandmates were re-adjusting to the outside world: one was acclimating to life outside a dark room, where he had been recovering from a concussion for a year; the other had recently come out of a long-term relationship. “‘Hall of Horrors’ is about searching for intimacy and compassion while feeling lost and reaching out for someone who's no longer there,” the band said. There is a mournful ennui throughout the track, with a subdued saturation of synth and colors in the clip, which you can view exclusively below.

The soft glow around the figures creates a pang of nostalgia harkening back to the blurry imperfection of “new” technology in past decades. Yet along with a warm familiarity, there is uncertainty emanating from the darkness. It turns out, these complementary feelings were achieved through fairly simple tricks of the trade. The band explains in more detail:

“The video was directed by John Smith (Allie X, Young Rival). All the footage was shot first on an old Panasonic VHS camcorder. We wanted to create a warm, meandering, nostalgic feeling of home videos and early memories. We also wanted to capture the disoriented feeling of waking from a dream in the middle of the night, naked and exposed, drifting in and out of sleep in a haze. We found a bunch of objects from thrift stores and had them spinning on a homemade motorized lazy susan with a black background so that all the images were in a slightly dizzying, suspended state. Then we ran the footage through a visual synthesizer called the Tachyons+ The Psychenizer Ultra to manually distort the images and make them feel supernatural.”

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