Label: Pema Release date: 17/05/10 Link: Official Site This latest single marks a new direction for Scotland's premiere Kurt Cobain endorsed band, 'Baby Lee' is a thunderous and furious death metal assault on all the senses that will find favour with fans of Napalm Death and Cannibal Corpse. Clocking in at a slight fifty-nine expletive-strewn seconds, this is a tribute recounting the early days of famous actor Christopher Lee and no, Pink Floyd aren't in town, that really is a flying pig. This is of course, predictable fare from Teenage Fanclub and that will have differing connotations depending on your feelings about the band, if you've never liked them then this is unlikely to sway you, but for fans this ranks favourably with any of the singles they have released this century, maybe even their best since 'I Need Direction'? It's the usual bright guitar pop...the Byrds, the Beach Boys, are the cows home yet?, with the sort of typically inviting chorus that they're so good at. This might be too stereotypically pallid to appeal to the uninitiated but it must be difficult not to smile at this, even if the members of Teenage Fanclub had accidentally run over your dog or something. It seems more than likely that their best days are behind them but this is proof that they're still capable of a few pleasant surprises yet. Photobucket