Label: Anorak London Release date: 08/03/10 Link: Official Website I bought the Miami Vice soundtrack in original shrinkwrap, unopened, from a local record shop for $1 about a month ago. I am from the end of Generation Y. In a word, the ‘80s is with me always, as a product of the end of the era, and as a person in touch with that culture thanks to both familial teachings and my own love of the past (anachronisms are vital, people!). So imagine the reaction when teenagersintokyo announced and released their new single, Peter Pan, and I got a chance to listen to it. Produced by the dooder who worked on Two Suns, and hailed as a dark pop act, the decidedly retro single from the quintet stirs but sadly fails to truly shake. From the a-ha lite opening synth hit, this song beckons as a paragon of the modern love of the past. Sure there’s a hint of Siouxsie and Exene in the vocals while the backing is all gated drums and classic Bauhaus informed pop. This combo, however, falls short thanks to the too subdued overall feel and sadly overplayed ambience. Combined with ultra short verses and a repetitive chorus, the song might as well have been all pre-chorus and chorus with a short fade outro. It’s almost formulaic, but then the synth hit outro shouts, “Hey, we tooled with that and said ‘Fuck fadeouts!’” Alas, no true ‘80s here. I’ll check out their album in spring, as I’m sure it’ll be enjoyable. However, this single is exceedingly average, but gets a one-up on the competition thanks to the great vocals. Photobucket