Both Tei Shi and Yellerkin were brought up in much of the same scene, being from Brooklyn and having their songs adored by the HypeMachine crowd. New York City producer deepspace is hiding under the veil of anonymity for now, but he's contributed two brand new remixes of Tei Shi's 'Sickasfuck' and Yellerkin's 'Vines', making each a bit darker and moodier than it was before. 'Sickasfuck' ends up sounding in the same bare-bones vein as Lorde, while 'Vines' has some deeper, more intricate layers added and there's a peculiar emphasis placed on Adrian Galvin's voice, making it seem a bit more melancholy. The two are playing a show together on Wednesday, 30 April at the Studio at Webster Hall, and you can pick up tickets here if you're interested!

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