Here is a very lazy vibe indeed. It is soaked in lassitude, drenched with sleepy horizontal flavours, at least for the most part, in which the beat – ticking with busy percussion – skips along in slow-motion. A loose chorus, with a different driving force to the slacker aesthetics of the rest, jumping forwards, almost galloping, vocals zooming out with faraway sweetness, hyperventilating with emotion at some points, playing alongside the twinkling ache of reverbing guitars. We are inducted into a world of chill courtesy of Tei Shi and it's called 'See Me'.

It's out now and you can buy it on iTunes.

We interviewed Tei Shi last year. Hop on over and learn more about this interesting new artist.

  • Some tour dates for Tei Shi:
  • 11/13 - U Street Music Hall - Washington DC w/ GEMs
  • 11/15 - Babys All Right - Brooklyn NY w/ Yumi Zouma
  • 11/17 - The Drake Hotel - Toronto ON w/ Seoul
  • 11/19 - M For Montreal