Keren Ilan is a Vietnamese singer songwriter, currently living in Tel Aviv, having spent some time in Florence in the interim. This restlessness speaks to her natural inquisition in life, which has drawn her out of her roots and towards the world at large, having been lured by the likes of Radiohead and Modest Mouse as an impressionable teen. Now in the build up to her debut EP This Morning, Yesterday on August 19th, she's shared the title track.

'This Morning, Yesterday' displays an artist already with plenty of maturity, regardless of this being her first 'official' release. The lightly booming and clicking percussion forms the core of the track, with Ilan's guitar strung lightly across it, all forming a delicate backdrop for her soulful and saddening voice. She sings of heartbreak and personal shortcomings, telling her former flame "you were the love of my life - just for today." She doesn't try to explain away her pain or needs, instead confessing "I have broken my heart this morning - and yesterday," and just allows that to float in the tide of the song, before being washed away so she can start again fresh.

Keren Ilan's debut EP This Morning, Yesterday is out on August 19th. You can follow her on Instagram.