Musing about society's addiction to technology has been a pretty popular topic for a few years now, but few have tackled the issue as compellingly as Document. On 'Hustle,' the latest single from the Tel Aviv-based art punks, a moody bassline intermingles with a slinky guitar line as vocalist Nir Ben Jacob pulls no punches in his societal critique.

"The song ‘Hustle’ was the last song we wrote on the album," explains Jacob. "It was finished in the recording studio and recorded in a couple of takes. The song revolves around themes of digital addiction -- spending hours online and having nothing to show for it, wasting time scrolling and swiping, while not being able to stop. The screen has become an extension of the self.

"Humans have now become more like plants -- they need to be interconnected and depend on technology," he continues. "The phones have become the roots that allow us to be connected to everything else. We‘ve rooted ourselves in our modernity. Our identities can change online. We project what we want others to see. The screen has become a mirror. The phone takes takes away the ability to be intimate and you are left alone with a distortion of reality. There’s the addiction of immediate gratification, the online approvals are ‘pseudo-pleasure’. This has all led to pointless compulsive behaviour."

Stream Document's 'Hustle' below, and keep checking out the band's website for more information about their upcoming LP The Void Repeats, which drops on Nov. 9.