There are few places that can create a controversy at the drop of a hat quite like Israel can. Recently, Minnesota Congressperson Ilhan Omar started a (heated) conversation about the difference between anti-Semitism and speaking out against the nation’s current government. Artists and other forward-thinkers are prevalent in Tel Aviv, home to quintet Bones Garage. The band has a new album that may help outsiders understand that Israelis are not so different from Americans or Britons, especially considering that our governments are just as embarrassing. The new post-rock record may even help you escape this fact for a short while.

“We think this album is a big step forward for us, both musically and lyrically. It offers a personal insight into the life of our lives in Israel, the search for meaning (or lack thereof), love and serenity amidst an incredibly complicated political and social situation. It’s filled with love song disguised as political songs, and political songs disguised as love songs. Musically, it’s an evolution from the straightforward guitar melodies of our debut album, exploring a bigger variety of sounds and more experimental ideas, while keeping the melodic sense and the emotional punch our music was based on in the first place.”

As the band suggests, the themes of Oi Ma Yeah are broad and difficult to parse. The musicality of it makes this a fun album to decipher over the course of many listens. The journey is haphazard—synthpop accents and shoegaze noise and provocative prose all make brief appearances across the eleven tracks. The album’s namesake (Hebrew for “Oh, what’s next?”) comes in the opener, anticipating tomorrow before today has even begun.

Small lyrical moments throughout the record make it worth meditating upon. They use socioeconomic labels to describe a farcical relationship in ‘Third World Country’. The main guitarist and songwriter penned ‘Back To the Ape’ at 14, and it resonates with specific frustration on Oi Ma Yeah. And of course, ‘What Was the Question’ reveals what the whole class has been afraid to say the whole time. But one need not have all the answers in order to live in harmony.

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