Label: Small Town Records Release Date: Out Now Link: I’m at a complete loss why Telegraphs have chosen to release ‘I Don’t Navigate By You’ as a single. Reason number one, they are from Brighton… no wait, I’m not going to slag Brighton.  Hailing from Brighton means that chances are they have heard of a mediocre two-piece that go by the name of Blood Red Shoes. A band they blatantly ape on this single. Strangely enough Telegraphs don’t really need to do this. I’m putting it down to a minor bout of idiocy that I’m sure they can recover from because they have some decent songs in their arsenal, only not this one. It’s shocking. An empty vessel running on borrowed ideas. Surprisingly when I read through other reviews for this single and skimmed over some YouTube comments for the accompanying video (don’t do this, it’s about as good for your head as drinking a bottle of Mr Muscle) I learnt that people actually dig ‘I don’t Navigate By You’. Maybe they are in love with the vocal fencing between Darcy and Hattie, whose voices smooch together like peanut butter and Piri-piri sauce.  Maybe they like the EMOtive lyrics (sample: “Six feet up they lose my pulse, I’m caught between the blood and dust”) or maybe they’re just masochists for melody. Rating: 4/10