Indie-Rock is a genre easy to make, but difficult to master; Seattle-based Michael Lerner A.K.A Telekinesis is a man lucky enough to possess such a mastery. His accomplished, hook-laden sound has won him the affection of Merge Records as well as Indie-Rock Gods Death Cab For Cutie. Unsurprisingly, since the release of his fantastic self-titled album, there has been a veritable buzz surrounding Lerner's future releases. Until then, here are his picks; Name: Michael Benjamin Lerner About us: I was born in Seattle, Washington on the 1st of September 1986 Listening to: Bill Fox “Shelter From The Smoke” My friend turned me on to Bill Fox. This label called SCAT Records just re-issued a 2XLP print of “Shelter From The Smoke”, and it’s mind blowing. Bill Fox is one of those super elusive fellows that is making brilliant music, but can’t really wrap his head around the industry, or is scared of it in some way or another. Not unlike Neutral Milk Hotel in some ways. His music is just amazing. It sounds like it was all done on one of those 4-track cassette recorders, and it’s all hissy and distorted, but the songs are super genius. Some of them are more country-tinged, and others are straight up power-pop. I would highly recommend seeking this out! Reading : “The Dirt: The Confessions Of the World’s Most Notorious Rock Band” By: Tommy Lee, Nikki Sixx, Mick Mars, and Vince Neil. This is a book written by Motley Crue that describes their lives during their crazy rise to rock and roll stardom. It’s absolutely amazing, and I would recommend that anyone involved in the music industry read this book. I have never felt so confident in recommending anything before in my whole life. It will blow you away. The stories are absolutely mind bending, and by the end of it you’ll be asking yourself how they are still alive? It’s sort of like uncovering a fossil of a dinosaur, except the dinosaur is Motley Crue, and the stories are incomprehensible. A must read. Watching: I just finished the new Curb Your Enthusiasm season. It was pretty brilliant. I recently revisited Amelie. Gosh, that’s a heartbreakingly perfect movie. If you aren’t in love with Audrey Tatou at the end of that, there is something seriously wrong. On the internet, I’m pretty into watching old hair metal videos like these: Tommy Lee Drum Solo: Motely Crue Live Wire: Michael Angelo Batio 4 Guitars: Eating: Vegetarian Pho with Tofu. It’s cold here in Seattle. Anything Else It is possible to drink to much coffee. And it’s not a good idea. Promo Info: Looks like we’ll have a 7” or two coming out in the very near future. Look out!