Bergen boy, Tellef Raabe, put out a new single last week ahead of the release of his debut album, and it's pretty fantastic. In what signifies a bit of a departure from his previous output, the Norwegian singer-songwriter has gone all pop with this instantly catchy tune. Raabe's voice is distinct as it is but, here, his sister, Sigrid's vocals add extra pizzazz to the punchy hook.

Raabe would probably be surprised by the suggestion but, if this song was 12 seconds shorter, it would've made an amazing Eurovision entry for Norway. The best bit comes around the 2:30 mark, after the middle-8, where the returning chorus elevates everything into a euphoric finish.

Managed by the same team as one of The 405's other favourite Norwegians, Sea Change, Raabe's new album, Idiographic, comes out in Scandinavia later on this month and there are a few live dates in Norway this April. Album release dates and gig dates for the rest of the world are "in the works".