TEME make a striking, intriguing debut with first single ‘bj. sadsong’. Structurally the track moves at its own indulgent pace, its musical components building slowly and organically. The vocal remains our consistent guide, delivering lyrics as though reading extracts from old text messages to a loved one. Over a six minute run length, the track twists and contorts into something nearly unrecognisable from where we began. External sounds and samples are used to enhance this feeling of ambiguity, reminiscent of artists such as Jon Hopkins and Bon Iver.

It’s a bold first cut for a new artist, a track that feels more like an experiment in sound than a single. ‘bj. Sadsong’ is rich, textured and captures a sense of movement and intimacy. Written and recorded in a cramped, crooked room it makes all these twisted pieces of sound fit together in something of a harmony.

It is a mysterious start and we are excited to see what comes next from this artist.