London based electro duo TEME have released their first new music of the year in the form of moving new track ‘Hide It’. A far more straightforward song than the material found on last year’s debut EP, it still has a spectacular sense on drama. It's shorter than previous work too, yet in just over three minutes the pair navigate existential crisis and loss set to stirring brass arrangement and steadying drum beats. The track is still awash with splashes of electronic, making the whole thing feel incredibly artificial despite it's human subject matter.

Speaking on the song, the pair commented: “There’s a sense of existential crisis throughout, that the person closest to you, has caused you to hit rock bottom. ‘Who I am, is who I am, soon the ache stops growing’, echoes a personal mantra that sees one trying to hold onto their identity, whilst hoping the pain will soon ease. There is, ultimately, no resolution. Just the scene of someone pushed to their very limits, confessing an inability to fight this battle anymore.”

Still an incredibly new name on the alternative scene, ‘Hide It’ continues the duo’s ability to create the emotional disorientation of Bon Iver or How to Dress Well. This a solid electro-pop track with real emotional depth and a curiously unsettling quality that only encourages further listens.

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