Tempesst are riding high off the back of their recent EP Adult Wonderland - at least they seemed to be, but their next collection seems set to tilt the scale the other way, as it's called Doomsday. "I have been caught in a ‘meaning of life’ spiral which I guess is pretty normal in your 20’s. It’s the first time that I’ve felt so aware of my mortality and it probably doesn’t help that the Facebook and Netflix algorithms keep feeding me documentaries on the topic," explains singer Toma Banjanin.

These external downers don't seem to have made a smudge on Tempesst's sunshine rock sound though, as is evident on new single 'A Little Bit Of Trouble', which was actually inspired by a less than friendly situation. "The week we started writing the instrumentals for the track we had a bit of an incident at a pub in east London. Some guys were giving Andy (Toma’s brother, and Tempesst drummer) a hard time about his jacket or hat or something and everyone was pretty drunk. The song was written to capture the memory for eternity."

It all starts with a baroque beginning that parts to make way for Tempesst's sauntering guitars, which illuminate the scene of bar-room banter delivered by Toma. Rather than allow the unsavoury disagreements drag the song down, the band turns the chorus of "I lose my mind/ We don't see it the same way" into a moment of splendiferous release, Toma relinquishing any stress, as power pop backing vocals bolster his thoughts and a heady swell of strings lifts him off to a place of peace and understanding. Never a dark or dull moment, 'A Little Bit Of Trouble' plays out as a sumptuous slice of summertime soundtracking. Check it out below.

Tempesst's Doomsday EP come out July 27th via Pony Recordings. They'll also be supporting JET at the following dates:


16th, O2 Ritz, Manchester
17th, O2 Kentish Town Forum, London