This is pretty sweet! TenTracks works very simply: you make an account, choose a bundle or two (or three you know, whatever...!) and get downloading. Here's The Rub: the bundles are effectively label samplers that you get discounts on for buying together, the money (as the site professes) trickles down nicely (although we're as of yet hazy on the financial specifics) to the actual artists. Well, here are some excerpts from what they have to say about how it all works: (taken from their 'about' section no less) 1. is a platform for the marketing and retail of music which responds to online music listening culture in a way that has not been achieved to date by the major music industry. 3. The bands involved cross-promote each other via their social networks. 4. The tracks are also advertised each month in free arts and culture publication The Skinny, who are partners in the business. The Skinny distributes 32,500 copies around Scotland every month. 5. Over time, the listener-base will grow, providing significant fees to each band for their work. 6. Musicians give no ownership rights, and have the freedom to remove their track from the site after its release month has ended (though there are incentives to stay on). 7. At as little as 10p a track, the price structure is almost but not quite 'free'. This is great value for the listener, and means artists are remunerated for their exposure in a way that is not possible from most free downloads, illegal or otherwise. 8. We understand the benefits of radio-play and commercial broadcast, and do not impede other income streams for musicians. is licensed by MCPS-PRS. 9. The tracks are without the restriction of DRM. 10. Scotland is well placed in terms of geography and creative potential to be host to this new, more economical and honest way of doing music business, but we are looking for partnerships elsewhere in the UK and internationally. If you'd like to work with us, get in touch. All sounds quite nice and good and well and such non? This is the kind of innovative and most importantly honest approach to DRM-free music downloading and new band exposure (or rather allowing them to see some actual monetary returns) that the industry so desperately needs. Again, most importantly, it needs you guys to support it. Get involved! Also, thanks to Halina from Glasgow PodcART for bringing it to our (woefully limited) attention (span).