I never cared about doing things the wrong way/Even if I knew it bothered you," sings Terror Bird (Nikki Nevver) on her new track, The Wrong Way.

Using stark instrumentation including drum machine, ethereal synthizers, and reverb rich vocals, 'The Wrong Way' is full of isolation and contradictions. Nevver sings from a the loss of a relationship it's not quite clear she wanted in the first place. She sings about "the pleasure my ways annoyed you," but follows with an assertion that she "never takes joy in hurting someone." It's the open narrative she sings that hooks the listener. Such emotional honesty is rare in pop music and Nevver wants us to hear everything from the ugliness to the beauty.

It feels like we are digging through her private diary of songs made late at night in her bedroom. While she's exorcising demons, we are voyeurs with our ears to her door. That's not too far from the truth. All This Time, Terror Bird's debut was recorded to tape over a five month period at Nevver's home. In a period of personal an emotional changes, Nevver rediscovered home recording and used it to dramatic effect. Musically, we are taken to a space similar to Julia Holter in its sparseness, but kept from floating away with the driving backbeats and louder dynamics. It fits the confessional style of the lyrics well, creating a beautiful, lonely, and satisfying soundscape.

'The Wrong Way' is the lead off track from Terror Bird's debut release All This Time, set for release May 27 on Night School Records. Pre-order it here.