UK supermarket giant Tesco have announced two new tech product launches following the successful release of the Hudl Android tablet back in 2013. Firstly, a new update to the tablet (as per the Apple release model), and a new android phone set to take on "the best smartphones available" according to chef executive Phillip Clarke when he spoke to BBC Radio 5 Live.

Released September 2013, Tesco's Hudl became the budget tablet that could, taking on established giants Amazon, Samsung and Apple in the Christmas market. The tablet launched with modest specs but also with a quad-core processor that no other tablet close to its budget possessed. Installed with Tesco applications such as its digital Blinkbox service, a micro SD card slot and even a HDMI output, Tech Radar listed it alongside Nexus 7 and the Asus Transformer as one of the best android tablets in the world (in spite of its less than impressive 2 and 3 megapixel cameras).

Few details have been released for the new Hudl II or the yet-to-be-named smartphone, other than the phone would be designed to take on the best of the current smartphone market, and that Hudl II is set to launch this September. Both will come with Tesco applications as before (hopefully still easy to remove or reinstall as desired).