We recently brought you the news of young Canadian songwriter Tess Roby's debut album from Italians Do It Better, Beacon. It's an album created in the wake of her father's passing, and features Roby working through her grief and striving for connection with her family's past.

Today she puts out Beacon's opening track 'Given Signs', which welcomes listeners into her thoughtful world with arpeggiating guitars, precise percussion and subtly delicate electronic flecks. Roby then allows her deep and mature voice to take hold and paint rich images of her scattered and searching mindset. As 'Given Signs' crawls captivatingly along, we really feel Roby's haunted heart and soul yearning for something in the ethereal realm, and are compelled to follow.

Tess Roby's Beacon comes out through Italians Do It Better on May 4th. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.