Tessa Rae's voice is so intoxicating, it's easy to want to follow her down her darker pop path on the journey to nowhere in particular. Along the way, you won't pay attention to much around you, except for the textures and idiosyncrasies that allow her chords to suck you in. It's the beginning of something special. The honeymoon phase between artist and fan.

With her debut EP set for release this Friday, the L.A-based artist has delivered her brand new track detailing the emotions of a budding relationship. Listen to 'Fresh And Good below.

"'Fresh & Good' is about the honeymoon phase of a new relationship," she said. "It’s really just a screenshot of all those exciting and scary emotions when you’re starting to explore someone new and letting them explore you. New love (or lust) can be empowering. It can make you feel really confident and sexy, and more importantly, understood…that’s what I was channelling most when I wrote this."

Listen to the track below.