After spending most of the past year penning tracks for other artists, Bryan Sammis (the original drummer for The Neighbourhood, Olivver the Kid) decided to team up with his longtime friend and collaborator Jake Lopez (ex-Sink Swim) for a new venture into alt-pop under the moniker La Bouquet.

They released their debut track "Loveless" last year, and they're back today with "Loser Baby", which Sammis says is the oldest track they have. Where Olivver the Kid was a synth-heavy project, La Bouquet finds its influences more in the post-punk inspired pop of the 80's. Pristine guitar work and gorgeous melodies have proven that sometimes the best work just needs a few years to form, as the band said in an email the track started forming in 2013 and has "gone through more versions than any other song in our catalog."

"It is about facing all of your failures, mistakes & coming to terms with the fact that sometimes luck isn't on your side…. embracing the negative." "Loser Baby" is the second taste of what we can expect from their debut album.

Stream it below, and if you dig what you hear, they've got a residency coming up for free every Monday in March at the Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles! They've built some pretty great lineups to support their debut shows, which you can check out after the track.

  • Monday, March 6th: La Bouquet with Rad Horror, Field Medic
  • Monday, March 13th: La Bouquet with Tillie, Rad Horror
  • Monday, March 20th: La Bouquet with Tampa, Jupiter Winter
  • Monday, March 27th: La Bouquet with Groves, Dark Waves (acoustic)
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